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Instructions for Imaging Examinations

Important Information for All Imaging Examinations

Please be sure to register for the respective imaging study prior to the appointment time.

Allergies to Contrast: If you have a history of contrast reaction, then your ordering physician is responsible for prescribing the necessary pre-medications for you.

Diabetic Patients: If you are a diabetic patient, taking any medication that contains Metformin and are scheduled for an examination that requires IV contrast (CT, IVP, or Arthrogram) DO NOT take your medications on the day of your appointment and for 48 hours following completion of your imaging examination. You MUST follow up with your physician for instructions/blood test on when to resume this medication.

Creatinine Blood Test: This test must be completed no later than 60 days prior to a patient undergoing either a CT or MRI imaging examination that will entail use of intravascular contrast.

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