Case of The Month – September 2021

Case Title – BILATERAL IN TOEING DUE TO INCREASED FEMORAL ANTE VERSION Prepared and Presented By DR MESFIN MULUGETA_ (MD, SCR/Radiologist , Musculoskeletal Radiology Fellow) and DR BEZAWIT TEFERI ( MD, Orthopedic surgery resident ) Please find the google docs...

Pioneer Diagnostic Center participated on ”Ethiopian Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons” CME that was held at Yekatit 12 Hospital on August 06, 2021 followed by the #_Annual_General_Meeting hosted by Ethiopian_Society_of_Plastic_and_Reconstructive_Surgeons’’ held on August 07, 2021 at Desalegn Hotel based on the theme that focused on ”Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery In The Era Of Covid-19 Pandemic’’.

It indeed gave Pioneer a great experience to share and work in collaboration with all dedicated teams especially during this pandemic season (COVID -19) to save people’s lives and for the development of advanced medical services in Ethiopia.